Hannah Harries

Front-End Developer

Cambridge, UK | hannahjeanharries@gmail.com | github.com/hann0r | Professional Portfolio Website | SheCodes Portfolio

Full time Frontend Developer and Designer working for both Loopspeed and Wingcard. Creating and designing Websites, Applications and Branding. Collaborating and communicating with developers, working in partnership with private clients and SharpEnd, on projects for companies such as Jo Malone, Puma, Levis and Mclaren.

Vast experience using the following - Wireframes, Figma, Visual Code Studio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Typescript, Next.js, MUI, TailwindCSS, SASS, Firebase, Supabase, Contentful CMS, Styled-components, GSAP, Gatsby, Node.js, Implementing SEO, Github - Pulling, Comparing, Rebaseing and Merging.

Alongside the development work, I have been designing company branding for private clients, this includes creating Brochures, Legal Documents, Logos, Brand guidelines and Business cards.

I have also been QA testing applications, with a keen eye and attention to detail ensuring all aspects are working correctly within the UX/UI flow.

Work Experience


Loopspeed LTD

May 2022 - Current

Front-End Developer/Designer working with partner companies and Independent businesses to design and create websites, apps and branding documents. Developing Front-End UI and database structures.

This includes - Setting up Typography, Fonts, Button Components, AgeGate, Analytics, Cookies, Forms, Inputs, Switches, Theme Set up, Landing and Splash Screens, Transitions, Animations, Pop up Modals, Responsive Styling. 

Translating ideas into exceptional designs, creating comprehensive design examples in Figma, whilst maintaining and implementing princles of User Centered Design.

Using the following - Figma, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Typescript, Next.js, MUI, TailwindCSS, SASS, Firebase, Supabase, Contentful CMS, Styled-components, GSAP, Gatsby, Node.js.

QA testing Applications - Ensuring screens in the intended order in the UX/UI flow, Checking for any dead-ends or broken links, Consistent styling across screens, Checking for any steps that are counterintuitive to the user, Ensuring in cases where there is email confirmation, the email being sent to the user. Making sure interactions are easily tappable, testing on multiple devices and screen sizes across both IOS and Android and all key browsers Safari, Chrome, Samsung.

Comparing Figma designs to ensure all of the following match up - 

Font family, Font sizing, Text and Image content (Images are not pixelated), Spacing between elements (Also alignment), Hierarchy of information, Favicon added

Making sure the Animations are smooth, well-timed, subtle and appropriate and that they load in time with the rest of the elements (no delay between animation assets and the rest of assets)

Performing a final once-over once the code is deployed to production (Ensuring both functional and design points are cleared)



May 2022 - Current

Frontend Developer/Designer working on all UI aspects of the Wingcard.io Networking Website, Application, Events and Branding.

This includes - Setting up AI ChatBot, Eco Friendly UI Feature, Fonts, Button Components, About the Team section, Animated Company Logo Banners, FAQ Expanding Drop Down elements, Inputs, Theme Set up, Transitions, Animations, Discount Pop up Modal, Responsive Styling, Benefit Calculator (Currently in production)

Using Figma, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Typescript, Next.js, GSAP and TailwindCSS. Assisting with product and competitor research, contributing ideas and creative solutions during weekly meetings. Representing the company at Events, promoting the product and networking with clients.

In addition to development for Wing I have been attending nation-wide networking events, representing the company, handing out and discussing their NFC powered digital Business Cards and Button products, discussing their sustainability and trackable analytics features.

(Prior to this, I worked as an English Teacher for 3 years - Full Work Experience Available on Request)



SheCodes - Coding Bootcamp

April 2022 - May 2022

Responsive Workshop - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VS code editor, API, Github, Bootstrap, Hosting, Flexbox, SEO, Responsive Design using Media Queries - Portfolio created.


SheCodes - Coding Bootcamp

Jan 2022 - April 2022

React Workshop - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VS code editor, API, Github, Bootstrap, Hosting and React - Dictionary App created.


SheCodes - Coding Bootcamp

Nov 2021 - Jan 2022

Front-End Development Workshop - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VS code editor, API, Github, Bootstrap and Hosting - Weather App created.


SheCodes - Coding Bootcamp

October 2021 - Nov 2021

Introduction to Coding Workshop - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and VS code editor - Passion Web App created.


TEFL - Cambridge

Jun 2018 - Sep 2018

Level 5 Scholar - Covering the fundamentals of teaching English, Teaching kids and teenagers, Teaching advanced students, Teaching with Imagination, Structure of Language, Grammar Foundations, Teaching Grammar practically, The basics of teaching younger students, Managing the challenges, Young learners lesson planning, Test Preparation, Handling large class numbers, Adapting to less ideal environments, Prioritization Learning and Understanding Cultural differences.


North Hertfordshire College

Aug 2012 - Sep 2013

Level 4 Diploma (Equivalent to a degree) in Management Practice and Advanced Techniques in the Hair and Beauty Sector.


North Hertfordshire College

Sep 2011 - Jun 2012

Level 3 Diploma (Equivalent to 2 A-levels) in Theatrical Special Effects, Media, Hair and Make-up


Bassingbourn Village College

Sep 2005 - Jul 2009

A-C grades in English, Maths, Science, Additional Science, Textiles, Art, IT, and French